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Kit Kome

Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Global Storm on 20/08/2023.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Frost Healing Elder Druid 213 offline
Vice-Leader Avanzzii Elder Druid 205 offline
Member Alagoano Gostosoo Master Sorcerer 170 offline
Armstrong Elder Druid 159 offline
Buceta Cabeluda Elder Druid 151 offline
Chandellier Master Sorcerer 206 offline
Chandellir Master Sorcerer 166 offline
Combo Flam (Recife- PE) Master Sorcerer 201 offline
Dama Da Noite Sorcerer 171 offline
Dan Ger Master Sorcerer 203 offline
Dark Thug Master Sorcerer 229 offline
Dogueto Elite Knight 182 offline
Dorion Havoc Elite Knight 122 offline
Druidex (Eo Brabo :) Elder Druid 192 offline
Dzn Final Bosx Master Sorcerer 245 offline
El Loko Royal Paladin 189 offline
Elltretaloko Royal Paladin 201 offline
Emperror Bkzzyn (velame!) Royal Paladin 245 offline
Fergusony Elder Druid 168 offline
Flam No Cuu Master Sorcerer 163 offline
Frost Majestic Elder Druid 166 offline
Gathan (Produçao) Druid 104 offline
Grrlpwr Druid 158 offline
Kamax Scouty Royal Paladin 152 offline
Kazerc Bolter Royal Paladin 157 offline
Kit Kome Elder Druid 163 offline
Lady Paramax Royal Paladin 205 offline
Madara Uchiha Elder Druid 244 offline
Melyodas Sorcerer 209 offline
Miiya Rosevelt Royal Paladin 203 offline
Milcah Elder Druid 162 offline
Noorie Druid 140 offline
Odrar Druid 148 offline
Pachamama (PSY TRANCE) Elder Druid 235 offline
Peidei Fedido Knight 108 offline
Pika Nordestina (Cabaço Ainda) Royal Paladin 180 offline
Policial Federal Druid 194 offline
Power Strong Master Sorcerer 160 offline
Praga Elite Knight 145 offline
Prox (PQDt) Paladin 168 offline
Psy Saints Elder Druid 147 offline
Rasga Cu Apertado Master Sorcerer 146 offline
Royal Archer Royal Paladin 151 offline
Scholze Elder Druid 201 offline
Shield (FNDOO) Elite Knight 322 offline
Tou De Pau Duro Master Sorcerer 146 offline
Walord Legend Master Sorcerer 204 offline
War Side Master Sorcerer 215 offline
Warlord Havoc Elite Knight 160 offline
Weed Side (Estilogrife) Elder Druid 198 offline
Xibiu Rosinha Master Sorcerer 164 offline
Zanix Legend Royal Paladin 181 offline
Zarc Avenger Master Sorcerer 151 offline
Zarc Excanor Royal Paladin 189 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Edsecreto Dochatao 06/12/2023
Maconheiro Maligno 30/12/2023
Shipanze 31/10/2023
Xibiucheiodecabelo 05/12/2023

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1- Nepster
1574, Elder Druid
2- Lord Rhyrion
551, Master Sorcerer
3- Stinger
536, Master Sorcerer
4- Koda
500, Elder Druid
5- Yamcha
493, Elder Druid

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