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Status: Online
Server PVP Type
Players Online: 63 Players Online
Online Record: 3890 players (on 18/10/2023, 20:51:56 -03)
Creation Date: 04/09/2023
Location: Virginia - USA
PvP Type: Open PvP
Premium Type: Free Premium Account
Transfer Type: Blocked
World Quest Titles: This game world currently has no title.

Players Online [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
Name [sort] Level [sort] Vocation [sort]
Acabowski263Master Sorcerer
All Might201Master Sorcerer
Allanleone Five338Royal Paladin
Allanleone One382Royal Paladin
Allanleone Seis282Royal Paladin
Apple Inc250Elite Knight
Boto Hell349Royal Paladin
Brasstemp295Elite Knight
Bruno Henrique386Elite Knight
Cremosinho276Royal Paladin
Da Balinha317Elite Knight
Da Espanha291Royal Paladin
Da Grecia253Royal Paladin
Da Mamae234Royal Paladin
Da Russia239Royal Paladin
Donaldsk445Elite Knight
Drowrs401Master Sorcerer
Dyanzin444Elite Knight
Dyanzin Ed335Elder Druid
Dyanzin Ms336Master Sorcerer
Dyanzin Rp373Royal Paladin
Dziad375Royal Paladin
Dziarmagowska204Royal Paladin
Dzik387Elite Knight
Elite Archer101Royal Paladin
Faixa305Elder Druid
Galderio398Master Sorcerer
Gauchito470Elite Knight
Guii General30Royal Paladin
Hell Boto347Royal Paladin
Iphone One249Elite Knight
Kakau Klein261Royal Paladin
King Fuuzk154Royal Paladin
Leone Sio Quatro316Elder Druid
Leone Tank311Elite Knight
Lord Rhyrion544Master Sorcerer
Madark380Royal Paladin
Mammaqi275Elite Knight
Markinhos Do Golpe400Elite Knight
Mc Kbuloso300Royal Paladin
Nepster509Elder Druid
Nisama354Elite Knight
Nonlly197Elite Knight
Paloso Ed325Elder Druid
Pobre Louco441Elite Knight
Porn Tube293Elite Knight
Prystor Gyhan218Royal Paladin
Prystor Kina215Knight
Qa Samba36Elite Knight
Sharder Master77Elite Knight
Soyelt244Elite Knight
Stinger492Master Sorcerer
Taygra428Royal Paladin
Tedson231Master Sorcerer
Tipo Assim256Royal Paladin
Vald394Royal Paladin
Vinte Comer318Royal Paladin
Vps Doze409Elder Druid
Wickedyan400Elder Druid
Zapaisha318Royal Paladin
Zee Pekeno233Master Sorcerer

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Players Online
Top Experience
1- Lord Rhyrion
1544, Master Sorcerer
2- Nepster
509, Elder Druid
3- Koda
500, Elder Druid
4- Stinger
492, Master Sorcerer
5- Yamcha
485, Elder Druid

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